Ethics Committee to Rajya Sabha: Expel Vijay Mallya from Upper House with ‘Immediate Effect’


New Delhi: The demands for the expulsion of the liquor- baron- Vijay Mallya from his designation as member in Rajya Sabha with the immediate effect, were raised by the Ethics Committee of Upper House of Parliament as on Today, on Wednesday, moreover, the ground is taken for this, as this would send out a strong message.

In the views put forward before the Upper House, the members said that the actions of the said Loan defaulter- Vijay Mallya are “unbecoming” of a Rajya Sabha MP.

The instances relevant to this effect, of the Committee’s report are “the committee hopes that by taking such stern action, a message would reach the general public that Parliament is committed to take such steps as are necessary against erring members to uphold the dignity and prestige of this great institution.” The Ethic Committee has submitted its Tenth Report before the Upper House of Parliament tabled before its Chairman- Karan Singh.

Moreover, now the Rajya Sabha is having its turn to show which action it will take in connection with the recommendations made by the Ethics Committee.

Notably, the businessman- Vijay Mallya who also happened to be a Member of parliament, has allegedly defaulted over a 9,000 crore of rupees in loans taken from nearly seventeen banks. A probing agency Enforcement Directorate has also experienced his tricks to escape from the investigation process.

Earlier in the month of March, this year, the said businessman fled to United Kingdom, allegedly. As there is a non- bailable Warrant against him, and also pending investigation before the Enforcement Directorate, his deportation process claimed. Earlier his diplomatic passport was also revoked by the India authorities.

Moreover, the reports by the Ethics Committee also found contending that “having considered the whole matter, including Dr. Mallya’s letter, the Committee on Ethics unanimously decided at its meeting on May 3rd to recommend to the House that Vijay Mallya be expelled with immediate effect.”

Moreover, the committee also shown that it was of “firm view” after considering the “gravity of the misconduct”.

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