Exoplanet with most eccentric orbit is located 117 light years away from earth

United States: An exoplanet was observed by astronomers at San Francisco State University which is known as SF State. The exoplanet is located 117 light years away from earth, exhibiting eccentric orbit. The reflected light from the planet close to the star parent provides clues to researchers about the atmosphere of the planet. This information is thought to be similar to that of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

The exoplanet known as HD 20782, has a peculiar orbit which is flat and it travels at enormously high speeds. While other planets have nearly circular of elliptical orbits the planet HD 20782 is extremely peculiar in it orbital way. When it is farthest it is 2.5 times distance from its star than the distance between the Sun and the Earth. At its closest point it is closer than Mercury’s orbit around Sun. The brightest of exoplanet peaked and dimmed alongside the reflections from the exoplanet’s atmosphere.

These finding were presented in The Astrophysical Journal which states that all the icy particles in the exoplanet’s atmosphere don’t melt because of its high speed of its sling-slots. All the information given by the exoplanet could not be synthesized by the scientists and astronomers. They are also of the opinion that the exoplanet collided along with another system or a binary system of stars is in vogue. Because of these two reasons the exoplanet has a peculiar orbital path.

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