Facebook apologizes on its ‘Safety Check error’ in Lahore blast

Lahore/ San Francisco: World’s major social media entity- Facebook has prayed apology against every users in the many countries including India also, for wrongly sending tests asking if they were “affected” by the brutal Talibani suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan.

More than Seventy people were killed in the brutal suicide bombing which was planned in the crowded park in Lahore. And most of the killed people were women and children, reportedly.

Moreover, it was seen, soon after the attack, the Safety Check system of Facebook was activated for helping the people to let others know about their safety. However, as per the Social Networking entity, there was a ‘bug’ in the system while for the warnings sent to the people who were thousands of miles far from the country.

It is notable, in connection with the attack that the responsibility was claimed by the Talibanies Splinter Group which is called Jamaat ul- Ahrar. And in response they also claimed that they were targeting Christians who were celebrating their Easter.

The system for the Safety Check, as developed by the Facebook, is generally, one which is offering options for the people to let their friends, family members, and others know about their status, if they are caught up in or are near to any attacks or even in the situations of the natural calamities.

However, this time, the Facebook’s system made other worried by simply asking a question “Are You affected by explosion?” without even giving any information about how close that person was to any such potential threat.

Moreover, it was pointed in the reports that the users from the United States, India, United Kingdom, Hawaii and other countries have received wrong warnings. Many even have shared images of the Messages on their social network accounts.

Thus, in other words, the people who were even not affected due to such attacks were also warned by the Facebook that time, by asking them if they were okay or not. Now, Facebook has shown that they have “worked quickly” to resolve the issue. And in the statements, Facebook also apologize to anyone “who mistakenly received the notification”.

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