Facebook buys face swap popular app Masquerade

Become ready for seeing more selfies silly. Facebook purchases companies behind one amongst very well-known apps in App Stores namely Masquerade. App of Masquerade lets a person overlaying animated playful filters over faces by utilizing selfie cameras of phones. Effect ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio at Oscars to monkey’s. It is factor of fun for playing with.

You could record videos in apps or take stilled photos for sharing on different socialised networks. You could expect face of Masquerade for filter’s swapping for showing up eventually in Facebook apps. Socialised networks plans also keeping operational Masquerade’s as free standalone apps with its integrations onto technologies in Facebook.

Effect joins lines of tools creative that Facebook have added to apps already. It could be like filters of photos, doodles of fingers and stickers. Masquerade is a hit in shorter times on App Stores. It has ratings averaged of 5 stars. It consistently has stayed at tops nearly of charts of App Store. This is as per App Annie. It is present also in phones of Android.

At Masquerade there is hard working for making videos more engaging and funny by creation of filters thereby altering and enhancing appearances. This was told by start-up couple-month-old in blog posts. There is excitement of joining forces with Facebook’s. It brings technologies to more masses. In Facebook there are abilities of reaching out to people at higher scales.

Source: techgo.org (Our Media Partner)

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