Facebook received verdict from Beijing High Court in its favour in Trademark case

Beijing: The social networking giant- Facebook which was fighting a trademark violation case against the Chinese company, got ruling in its favour from the Beijing High Court which said that the Chinese Company should not have been allowed in the about two years back, in the year 2014 to register the trademark- “face book.”

The Cupertino- based company- Facebook, reportedly, got the benefit of the signals that the China may soften its stand against it. Moreover, it was the Zhongshan Pearl River Drinks Factory which is located in the Southern Guangdong province, earlier in the year 2014 registered the brand name “face book”, and this is in connection with the production of the food products like potato chips and canned vegetables.

Today, as per the reports published by the Finance Times, it was stated that “under Chinese law, a multinational with a globally- recognised brand must prove that its trademark is also well known within China.”

It is also notable that the Facebook along with the other social media platforms like Twitter has currently blocked to nearly seven hundred million internet users in China. However, there are number of users in China who are using virtual private networks- VPNs for accessing the site which is allowing them to circumvent the “great firewall.”

It was also seen that the Founder of Facebook has met with the Chief Censor officer at China, at his home in San Francisco and also meetings were also held with the head of the ruling Communist Party’s propaganda apparatus.

Moreover, when the Facebook’s CEO- Mark Zuckerberg met Alibaba Group Holding’s executive chairman- Jack Ma and discussed about innovation during the visit, the said Executive of Alibaba Group Holding stated that Zuckerberg respected Chinese Culture, and also he stated that oriental culture and western culture should learn from each other and work collaboratively for a better future.

Thus, now it is clear that the High Court from China’s Beijing had finally given clean chit in favour of Facebook and its brand is as such declared as of its own.

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