FBI got third party assistance, hence no need of Apple’s assistance in unlocking iPhone of San Bernardino Attacker


Los Angeles, United States: iPhone of one of the attackers in San Bernardino, is unlocked by the FBI, as has been told by the officials, yesterday, i.e. on 28th March. It was seen after a heated legal standoff with Apple company which had pitted United States Authorities against Silicon Valley.

It was seen that for the demand of United States Government, seeking assistance from the Apple, the company along with other big technology entities- like Google and Facebook was appeared not supporting the government. The issue was connected with the said unlocking of the iPhone, and the company was seemed defending on the base that it would have wide- reaching implications on digital security and privacy.

The concerned US court in this sensitive case decided earlier in this month that to hear both side’s arguments. However, the case suddenly with an immediate effect cancelled on the plea from the side of FBI that now it is not in need of help from the Apple and it had found an outside party for unlocking the iPhone.

As per Elieen Decker- United States Attorney, who stated in his statement released yesterday, that they decided to conclude the litigation, solely, on the basis of the fact that they recently received assistance from the third party, and now they are able to unlock concerned iPhone without compromising any information on the phone. However, as to the third party assistance, the identification of such third party is not disclosed by the authorities. However, as per news agencies’ reports, the FBI is now being helped by the Israeli Forensics company.

It was seen earlier that the authorities in US had approached the justice department seeking an order which would compel the Apple company to help them unlocking the iPhone. And it was sought towards their made solemn commitment’s fulfilling, that they will not rest, till they have “fully pursued every investigative lead related to the vicious attack” to victims of the San Bernardino shooting.

However, Apple in its statements found stated that the case of FBI must not have been brought before the courts and it would now further increase the products security.



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