Finally, the hoax is opened and Kim Jong-un who was killed on Internet, found alive

North Korea: The rumours which were circulating on the Social media saying that the North Korean leader- Kim Jong- un has been killed in an military intervention or has been severely injured, has shocked many, however, this become the biggest ever news throughout the entire world. However, as per Political figure’s representatives have official declared yesterday, i.e. on 4th April, that he is not dead.

Such rumours in the social media found claiming that the North Korean dictator- Kim Jong- un was killed. It was on social media posts, particularly, on Twitter, quoting the sources from the Korean Defence Ministry, found claiming the death of the North leader- Kim Jong- un who as per said post either killed or severely injured.

Earlier, it was pointed that there was no confirmation of such death of the north’s leader, as the North Korea is cut- off from global communication system. However, the rumours were still doing the round, where his death is shown true. Also, notably, the news which is not- verified can lead to speculations whether it is real that the dictator was assassinated in a secret operation.

However, yesterdays official confirmations would have provided a relief to his fans where, the representatives have said that “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax”.  Also it was confirmed that “He’s still alive and well”, also asked the people to “stop believing” at what they were seeing on the web world.

It was seen that the hundreds of fans were immediately started massaging about the condolence on the Facebook page, and also many of them expressed their sadness that they lost a big talented thirty- three- years old political figure. And as usual, Twittersphere was frenzied over the death hoax.

It is notable here that the Third Generation Dictator of North Korea- Kim Jong- un’s death was believed by many, but there were some peoples to say his fans who decided to look at the big fact that the news of his death had not been carried on any major Korean network, which itself was indicating that it is fake one.

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