Fire in Bhiwandi building: 3 injured; now under control

fire in Bhiwandi building

Bhiwandi, Mumbai: In Bhiwandi town at two different places a massive fire broke out on today’s morning, i.e. on 12th April. The two is located near the state capital of Maharashtra. A multi-storey building, in the first case, located at Kashimpura is also caught with fire and there were around 150 people living who appeared panic while they were surrounded with the fire in Saeed building. While the second incident was seen at powerloom unit in Nagaon.

In the first instance, the people from the Saeed Building were safely rescued by the fire officials. It was noticed that the said officials firstly involved the use of ladders and then they also used cranes in their rescue operation and as such the people who were inside the building were rescued safely.

However, while, so in the first case, the people, about three in number, had received some injuries in an incident as such the injured people were taken to the nearby hospital. It was informed from the sources that the said three were trying to jump from the building in the panic situation, and they did that.

It was seen, as per the sources that the said fire was initially started from the ground floor of the building and then the said continued and covered the area in the building of about fourth floor, the hit and the panic situation can be understood through this.

Thus, the fire tenders rushed the spot and started their operations by using water which were also brought in tankers. The fire tenders required around an hour to get the fire in control.

As per the Fire officials, they first rushed to the spot, when they received an information of fire. Soon they reached the spot they started evacuating the residents using ladders and also they later involved the cranes in the rescue operation.

There were, in all, seven fire tenders found involving from Bhiwandi and Thane, and as such, now as per the fire officials, the said fire in Bhiwandi is brought under control. However, the damages and other losses through such fire along with the cause thereof is yet to be ascertained.

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