First Civilian- Htin Kyaw has sworn as President of Myanmar from Democratic Party

Naypyitaw, Myanmar: In an honour to the Htin Kyaw, from Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, has be elected by the Parliament of Myanmar to be the president of country. Today, he has sworn as Myanmar’s President, as in the first democratically elected Government.

Earlier, the Myanmar was under the military rule, for the decades. Now, with the new democratic Government, the Myanmar has selected Htin Kyaw, being seventy- years- old to be the President of Myanmar. Moreover, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi who was struggling from a long time to come in ruling, is also appointed as the Minister for Foreign affairs.

While, taking oath by the new President, he found stated that he will be “loyal to the Union and the people of the Union”, and he stated by reading from the written pledge, and it is while repeating after Speaker Mann Win Khaing Than. Further he said he will “respect this constitution and the laws of the Nation. Moreover, the First Vice- President- Myint Swe and Second Vice- President- Henry Van Tio also found repeating the same pledge, in the same day.

Later, the earlier President- Thein Sein was to formally hand over his office of presidency, to the new President- Htin Kyaw.

It is pertinent to note that the key person behind such election was Ms. Suu Kyi who had been there behind the pro- democracy movement. Moreover, she was the suffering decades of house arrest and harassment by military rulers. However, she was barred by the Constitutional provision to become the President of the country, but even if so, she made it clear that whoever sits in that chair will be her proxy. Moreover, she also clarified that she would be running the Government behind, the scene.

Thus, now it is confirmed that Mr. Htin Kyaw is the first civilian president of Myanmar. Moreover, he will be heading the first Government which was elected in free and fair polls. The National League for Democracy, a party of Ms. Suu Kyi, found winning the massive win victory in the elections which was held in Last November.

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