First full-fledged ‘reusable’ Launch Vehicle ‘made in India’ to fly on Monday


Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation- ISRO, in a bid to develop our own full fledge reusable Launch vehicle, will on tomorrow, Monday, 23rd May, boost a sleek winged prototype through a small test flight. Moreover, the Sriarikota based- Satish Dhawan Space Centre is selected for the first such flight launch, which will be a technology demonstrator.

Moreover, the idea behind the development of the said full fledge Launch Vehicle, was that the same should be used for flying into the space and also injecting an orbiter and then again it should land on earth safely so that it can be re- used again. The vehicle is developed with delta wings and angled tail fins. As it would be re- usable, the cost of satellite launches would be cut down by up to Ten times.

Moreover, about the vehicle, the said hypersonic test flight fitted with a solid strap- on thrusters, and it will be taking off vertically like a rocket at five times the speed of sound (Match 5) to reach an altitude of Seventy kilometres. Moreover, the vehicle will manoeuvre after ascent, and it will take a 180 degree turn before re- entry. However, for descent, the said to be controlled splashdown in the Bay of Bengal instead of an aircraft- like landing, and this would also be tested subsequently.

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