First Indian Woman Gymnast- Dipa Karmakar to qualify for Rio Olympics

Dipa Karmakar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: India now will be represented in the Olympics in gymnastics for the first ever time, as the Indian dynamic gymnast- Dipa Karmakar has shown her performance to qualify for the Rio Olympics, 2016.

The said gymnast- Dipa Karmakar who is aged about 22 years and she is basically- from Tripura, has exhibited a strong show as she completed her final qualifying performance and Olympic Test Event in Rio de Janiero and also she has finished ninth in the first of the four subdivisions of the artistic category of women. As such, it is confirmed that she is qualifying for the Rio Olympics of this year.

It was notable that the said gymnast- Karmakar has qualified for the Rio Olympics this year, as she has completed all the four apparatus in the test event.

It was see earlier in the last year’s November, the said gymnast- Karmakar was unable to clinch an Olympic berth in the World Championships as she was seemed finishing the outside of the podium which is fifth place.

Moreover, in her achievement for the country and especially for the women’s dignity, she found creating the history by becoming the first woman gymnast who has won a medal/ a bronze, in the Commonwealth Games in the year 2014 in Glasgow.

Now, she is on the path of another achievement for the country. And it was pointed already that she was first woman gymnast in the country who won the aforesaid medal in the Commonwealth gymnastics medal. However, from India, in the sports category, the first stage has already been grabbed by the only Indian- Ashish Kumar, later now she came second after Ashish Kumar. But in the category of woman sportspersons, Karmakar is the only woman till now who has achieved this much status.

Karmakar was from very little age started her practice to become gymnast at the age of 6 years. Moreover, she started her training under veteran Bisbeshwar Nandi and she has never changed him, and he is coaching ever since then. At the age of her 14 years, Karmakar had won the Junior Nationals.

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