Fish oil and Vitamin D cannot cure osteoarthritis, says study

CANBERRA: Scientist of Australia had have removed Vitamin D and Fish Oil from its list of agents which help in osteoarthritis knee treatments. This was said in clinical trials. Australian teams from University of Tasmania’s Menzies revealed that fish oil and Vitamin D widely both slows cartilage losses of knees and reduces inflammation presently have no impacts distinguishable on osteoarthritis. This was reported by Xinhua News Agency.Osteoarthritis nearly affects 13 percent women and 10 percent men over 60 year’s age groups. Joint replacement surgeries and pain killers generally are only cures of these chronic diseases. In studies being published in world famous Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) presently, experts divided groups of 413 patients into half. 1st group was prescribed Vitamin D tablets and other was given placebo.

After 2 years, scientist re-examined sufferers. They found that there was no difference discernable in degeneration of knees in between groups. It was regarded earlier that low doses of fish oil with oil sunola and Sunflower combined for 2 years in turn exhibited knee functions improved and lesser pains but now it has been investigated that such demarcations do not hold true. High doses also do not help.

Therefore presently we regard that fish oils are ineffective for treatments and symptoms of Osteo-arthritis. This was told by Menzies Professor Graeme Jones, who oversaw second study.

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