Flyover collapses in Kolkata: 18 dead and several injured, army begins rescue work

Kolkata: The portion of an under- construction Two Kilometers flyover has been collapsed on a congested road. Reportedly, consequent upon such flyover collapsed in the Indian City of Kolkata, around eighteen and plus people were killed and around 150 people received injuries.

The said portion of the flyover collapsed crushing people, vehicles and hawkers, were present under it. However, while commenting on the said incident, Panduranga Rao from the Hyderabad- based IVRCL Construction company claimed it as “nothing but God’s act”. The said Construction company was engaged in the construction work of said portion of flyover.

Moreover, as per the police report which came as temporary, said there were around 14 who killed due to such flyover’s collapse which was incidence in Burrabazar area, which houses the largest wholesale market, in the city. Police also confirmed that several people were injured. And they were rushed to the nearby hospitals, for first aid.

Also, as stated by the State Administration officials, there were around 62 people who have been injured and were also taken to the nearby hospitals for their immediate treatments, however, some of the others were feared trapped under the remains.

Moreover, as can be evidenced from the CCTV footage, number of people, cars, autorickshaws and hawkers were caved in under the collapsed structure.

However, the leaders began their blame game in which the ruling Trinamool Congress party found blaming the previous left front government, as per them which has started construction of the concerned flyover, while they were being in power.

Moreover, Mamata Banerjee- Chief Minister of the State, also found stating in her blame that the tender was passed in the year 2009, by the earstwhile Left Front Government and it was given to the afore mentioned IVRCL construction company.

Now, the NDRF, State Disaster Management, City Police and Fire Brigade personnel joined in rescue operation along with the four columns of the Army personnel.

Also, in relief to the victims of the incident, Basudeb Banerjee- the Chief Secretary of the State has announced Rs. 5 lakhs compensation to the families of each of the persons died in the incident, moreover, Rs. 3 lakhs compensation is also announced for those who suffered serious injuries and Rs. 1 lakh compensation to those who suffered less injuries in the incident.

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