For ‘respiratory problems’ Dilip Kumar admitted to the Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital

Dilip Kumar

Mumbai: Bollywood’s one of the top talents, and also a Padma Vibhushan Award winner- Dilip Kumar or Mohammad Yusuf Khan has been admitted in the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. He is admitted in the hospital for the respiratory problems, as per doctors from the said hospital.

The veteran actor from the India’s film nagari, Mr. Dilip Kumar was well known for his work and there are still a huge number of movie lovers attracted towards his acting, and his given works are still loved and praised.

In the reports, the Dr. Jalil Parkar from the Lilavati Hospital found telling media that “Dilip Kumarji was admitted to Lilavati hospital at 2 AM with respiratory problems.” Moreover, the said doctor also sought to confirm that he is not admitted under serious conditions as “He is not in ICU.”

Moreover, as the actor- Dilip Kumar is about Ninety- Three- years old personality, he need a special care and watch by the doctors on the regular basis, as such, the said Dr. Jalil Parkar from the Lilavati Hospital said that “Doctors are keeping a close watch on Dilip Kumar.”

Talking about the India’s famous and most talented actor’s history, Dilip Kumar was initially known as Mohammad Yusuf Khan among his know people, as he was born with this name, however, later when he joined the bollywood film industry, he then decided to use ‘Dilip Kumar’ as his screen name.

While, in the industry, he gave number of classic and wonderful works which proved attracting attentions of public at large. In his offered works which were made under his spent over 6 decades, Dilip Kumar offered ‘Madhumati’, ‘Ganga Jamuna’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Mughal- e- Azam’, ‘Ram Aur Shyam’, ‘Karma’ and others.

It was also seen that as his works were all appraised as brilliant and loved by many, he was also crowned with the title “Tragedy King” for his playing a doomed lover in films like ‘Andaz’, ‘Baabul’, ‘Mela’, ‘Deedar’, ‘Jogan’ and others. He was last seen in the 1998’s film ‘Qila’.

Firstly, this actor was awarded with the Padma Bhushan award in the year 1991 considering his work, and later in the year 1994 he was awarded with the Dadasaheb Palke Award for his outstanding contribution to India Cinema, and recently in the last year, the brilliant actor was awarded with the Padma Vibhushan award.

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