For the Second Time in History, Gravitational Waves detected

Gravitational Waves

Recently, for the second time in the history, the scientists have discovered gravitational waves in February. The credit of discovery is bagged in by the International team of physicists and astronomers who has announced the detection of the second strong signal from the depths of space.

It is also reportedly shown that it was just like the first one, this second gravitational wave detected by the scientists who believe that the signal was created by the collision of two black holes, although an absolutely different binary black hole system than the first. Notably, both the signals were discovered using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory- LIGO and its team comprised of scientists from MIT and Caltech.

The black holes were having total mass around three times smaller than in the first detection, however, the structure of universe was shaken by the collision once again so violently. But, even the situation was so, no clear visible waveform was produced which had heralded the first detection.

But, the two black holes existing with high masses found surprising to the astronomers, for the first time, as there was formation route for the said black holes were not fully clear. Thus, now this time it can be safely hoped here that by the coming years, in future, we may see increasing numbers of the signals which would allow us to study many other exiting things.

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