Ford India: EcoSport’s price has been slashed

New Delhi: Ford India has slashed price of EcoSport by 1.12 lakhs with immediate effect in comparison with SUV Vitara Brezza from Maruti Suzuki. Petrol version starts from Rupees 6.68 lakh and diesel version start from Rupees 7.28 lakh available in the ex- showroom in New Delhi as was said in a Ford statement.

Anurag Mehrotra who is Executive Director of Ford India at Marketing, Sales and Service division has been quoted as saying that Ford EcoSport is recognised entirely for its value proposition which is extra-ordinary. This car in premier segment appeals to one and all. With a 40 per-cent increase in and after 2013, a strong re-alignment in price goes still further to assess Ford India’s position in the Indian market.

Its competitor Maruti Suzuki has kicked started a cost war in SUV compact segment, taking off to 5,600 bookings in the first few days of its launchings. Both the cars have their own pros as well as minor cons in the SUV segment and are a force to reckon with in the Indian sub-continent.

All these features are extremely important for the Indian taxpayer as well as it says a lot about the lifestyle of the be-holder. The healthy competition is vital in re-affirming the style statement of the owner which proves a great beneficiary in the long run of things.

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