Found key ingredient in Beer that fight against Cancer

San Diego: Researchers have found that beer contains a key ingredient that can be utilized for fight against cancer. Researchers at the University of Idaho are taking a shot at approaches to extricate beneficial acids called humulones and lupulones from hops. Hops, with its distinctive taste like bitter has the capacity to block leukemia cells from clinging to bone and end bacterial development, also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. They contain acids called humulones and lupulones which researchers would like to have the capacity to transform into medications.

At a meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) today in San Diego, Kristopher Waynant of University of Idaho said that they were ‘close’ to accomplishing this after a considerable measure of ‘experimentation.’ He further said “We certainly don’t think that beer should be viewed as a medicine,” he said. “We are of the impression that many pharmaceuticals are derived or originate from nature and that perhaps there is a derivative in our synthetic routes that will also be active or more active.” But he cautioned that, drinking more beer as part of justification for health is not advisable

He is wanting to work together with scientists and medicinal specialists to create dynamic operators for pharmaceuticals to treat tumours or provocative inflammatory disease using the said compound from beer. University of Idaho scientist are attempting to extricate the compound and furthermore discover a method for making them in the lab.

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