Fresh Maggi test is presented before Supreme Court; however, FSSAI earlier found relaxing MSG’s issue


New Delhi: Yesterday, on Tuesday 5th April, the honourable Supreme Court of India was tabled with the fresh reports of Maggi Noodles. It was in connection with the directions issued by the Apex Court, earlier to the Mysore- based laboratory to test the fresh Sixteen samples of popular snack from Nestle India, for its ingredients of lead and monosodium glutamate- MSG.

However, it was also seen earlier, within a week before the hearing of the Apex Court, in this connection, the a notification from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India- FSSAI has been issued where it was stated that the food business operator will not be prosecuted for the present of MSG in their products.

Also, as per the food regulator, now it is clarified that the ingredient of MSG in the products can be scientifically established as whether it was naturally or artificially added in the products. Monosodium Glutamate- MSG is a popular preservative and flavour enhancer.

Moreover, it is also contended by the food regulator that it can only be through a “Inspection” of the manufacturing units, the addition of such MSG in the products can be proved.

Thus, as per the contentions of the Food regulator in the notification, there should not be launched any prosecution, unless and until it is proved that the said MSG is being added to the products by the manufacturer, and the label of such product is no showing anything about such addition.

Thus, as per FSSAI, the said issue of addition of the MSG ingredient in the product can only be looked into through an inspection in the manufacturing unit’s premises.

While in the reports published by news agencies, the Chairman of FSSAI- Ashish Bahuguna also found stated that there is no connection between this notification’s issuance and Maggi.

Notably, the issue as clarified through the contentions in the notification by the Food Regulator seemed opposite to the contentions which were preferred by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs before the National Consumer Commission, while its filing class action challenge, claiming over 600 crores of rupees as damages from the Nestle India.

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