Goa Minor Girl Rape Case: Girl involves MLA Atanasio Monserrate; case transferred to Crime Branch Unit for further probe

Girl raped

Panaji: As per the senior Police official, who stated on today, on 5th May that the Rape case which is involving the Former Education Minister and unattached Congress’s member of legislative assembly- Atanasio Monserrate is now transferred to the Police State for Women which comes under the functioning of the Crime Branch.

The Police officials from the Police Station, Panaji, yesterday, on Wednesday involved the said Member of Legislative Assembly- Monserrate who is also known with his another name Babush in the case, where a minor girl was raped, and it is alleged against him that she was earlier employed with the said MLA.

Moreover, the Superintendent of Police (Crime) found stated that the First Information Report in connection with the said case was registered under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code like, the Section 342 for Wrongful Confinement, Section 328 for Causing Hurt, Section 370 for Detaining against will and Section 376 for Rape, were involved. Moreover, in the FIR, the charges were also levelled under the relevant provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and the Goa Children’s Act.

Moreover, it is also hereby notable that the said First Information report is being registered at the instance of the said victim minor girl. She involved the said MLA- Babush and as such the Police has initiated their investigation in this case. The police official found stated that “It is being undertaken by women’s police station. The investigation at a preliminary stage.”

While so, the said MLA- Monserrate found commenting on the said while speaking with the media personnel, he said that the said complaint in connection with the said case was a result of ‘Political conspiracy.’

Moreover, he also sought to clarify that the said girl was hired by him in his ‘Hallmark store’ wherefrom she later stole some money from the courter and as such he had “sacked her.” Thus, he said that “this complaint is fake. There is no question of my getting intimate with her.” He also confirmed that now he is not in Goa.

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