Good News! WhatsApp may soon be provided for PCs with full- fledge features

New Delhi: The world’s most famous social networking site which had earlier made its important place in the lives of the people, recently owned the currently trending WhatsApp which is too having remarkable numbers of the users from around the world. The special reports which are currently roaming in the media papers, is that the WhatsApp will now not require smartphones.

The WhatsApp is basically a mobile application which was developed with the intent to offer most supportive and comprehensive chat option in the mobile devices with the use of Internet only. Thus, WhatsApp is from its initial operation provided for the smartphone, but WhatsApp, as per sources can also be accessed on Personal Computers through a web client running in the browser.

However, the current news is showing that the features of the WhatsApp can now be easily available for the Personal Computers. And such features of the WhatsApp like text messaging, file sharing, etc. will be compatibly done with the help of computer system. The said information has surfaced online and also suggesting that the WhatsApp might be working on a full- fledged desktop application for the computer systems, like Windows and Mac operating systems containing computer devices.

There are billions of numbers of users to this android application, and soon it will turn to be compatible with the computer operating systems like Windows and Mac operating systems, there will be more increasing in the number of such users, surely.

Though, now too users are using their WhatsApp accounts and accessing through their computers, but yet the method they adopted is through their browser, which is very limited and inconvenient method for accessing the WhatsApp. But here soon the new method will be provided with the separate application, the users will surely be enjoying using their favour chat messaging system, on their Personal Computers, even while they would be using their computer device while doing their works on them.

Thus, a full- fledged desktop application will be making it possible to use WhatsApp’s important features like document sharing and voice calls making without even requiring the Smartphones, on through using computers and laptops.

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