Google Maps will now show Ola Cabs and other integrated ride-sharing services in Android Devices

United States: Update to the Google Maps were announced by the Alphabet’s Google on Tuesday, that now it will allow the users to view more cab/ ride services and compare their fares and this can be experience now inside the New dedicated ride services or a ride sharing tab.

It was notable that till a date, the App was having only Uber Integration for users, but now it will be showing the cabs from other rival companies as well. Now, in few days, the Google Maps updates will be rolling out on Android and will soon be reached iOS as well.

As stated by Google, the new updated Maps application will be showing users a fourth tab- ride sharing, besides the existing tab, which are driving a car, taking public transportation and walking/ bicycling options while roaming from one to another places. And this newly provided a ride- sharing tab will be allowing the users to easily compare the fares charged by the different cab services between two places.

Moreover, as per Google, this new update will be offering a new cab providers in five countries, in India- Ola Cabs, in Brazil- 99Taxis, in UK and Spain- Hailo, in Germany and Spain- mytaxi and in UK- Gett.

Moreover, the users would still need the application for the cab service installed in their devices, for viewing the fare comparison in dedicated ride- sharing tab in Google Maps.

As per the Software Engineer- Holger Flier who found stated on the company blog post that the company will be also showing ride service availability, while viewing the map in walking and transit directions, and multiple ride services options for each provider- where they exist, however, it is till it make sense. It is meant that when a user is using Uber, the dedicated tab will now show him it multiple ride service options if available like UberBLACK, UberXL, etc.

Thus, as shown earlier, the updates in this connection with the forwarded for the devices soon in few days and then the users would take its advantage.

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