Google now offering ‘Nik Collection’ for FREE and Promising to refund already purchases

United States: Google has recently announced its Nik Collection editing software for FREE and not only this, it will also include the Analog Efex Pro, Dfine desktop and the Sharpener plug- ins. Moreover, Google has further said that $ 149 will be refunded to those who have already bought it.

Notably, the Nik Collection is the software for the desktop which is also useful for the editing of the photographs and its provided seven useful plug- ins for desktop will allow users to execute different tasks in such editing, in which one can see tools for retouching of the photographs, improving colour correction, and sharpening. The full featured and complete software will be offering Color, Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro, Viveza, Sharpener Pro and Dfine.

It was seen there were number of customers who have already purchased this software in the early months, but the Google has also announced for their refund automatically in the coming days. The Google released its statements on Thursday, 24th March and also further stated that the now as per the willingness of the Company, the Software- Photo editing tools will be provided for all.

The tools are most supportive and offering convenience to the professionals and as such mostly it is being used by them.

Actually, the Nik Collection is not the actual product developed by Google, but it was acquired by it. And earlier Google offered it for reduced price at $ 149, however, now it has decided to made it available for free.

It was also seen that, as per the American multinational technology company- Google, the plug- ins bestow a great range of abilities for photo- editing for their users, and in its offered such abilities, sharpening to bring out the hidden details in a photo, and many others can be seen. Moreover, their filter applications are particularly valuable in enriching the captured photographs colour. Further, these plug- ins as offered with the software are packed with retouching and creative effects, along with the ability to adjust the colour and tonality of photos.

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