Google to bring Landline type Fiber Phone service with additional features

United States: The next evolution in the Landlines, as Fiber Phone is being planning by the world’s major technology company- Google. The tech- major has a proposal of subscription service at 10 dollars a month which would be for India at 660 rupees approximately.

In the Google’s planned service- Fiber Phone, it will offer unlimited local and national calls as well as International rates at similarity with the Google Voice, which comes as Rs. 0.6 per minute to India, as per example.

Moreover, it is notable that the Fiber phone is bringing mobile phone’s functionality for the landline phones and the users will be getting to keep their existing numbers. Moreover, additional to the callings, it will also be offering the spam filters, do- not- disturb services, call- blocking and many other sub- services. Moreover, the company is also considering the additional features like voice-mailing service and text or email services for the transcriptions.

Further, the service also will be featuring the cloud’s power, where the users will be provided with the question as “Get a call on your landline?”, which they can answer through their tablet, mobile, and even through their laptops. Thus, this landline will not be to keep at home or office only, however, it can be taken with the users wherever they go.

Moreover, in its praise, the Google found saying that though the mobile phones in the human life have pushed them toward the future, but the Home Phone Service is “still important to many families”.

Thus, the company will soon be launching for the Google Fiber customers, an add- on which is known as Fiber Phone. However, it is notable that the company is still denying the naming of the initial launch markets, and said that such details will be provided later.

Now, with this Fiber phone, the Google’s action is highlighting that it is becoming more like traditional service providers, as stated in the media reports.

Notably, as per the federal statistics, in so far as American’s response is concern, it says the large number of Americans are moving away from landline services. However, the time can be changed, and choices too.

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