Google’s Self- driving car’s software would be taken to mean as ‘legally’ as Driver, Regulator says

United States: Now there can be seen a self- driven cars running on US roads, as the country’s Vehicle Safety Regulators have said that the Self- driven Google car is being piloted by the artificial intelligence system and as such it could be taken as driver under the Federal Law.

Thus, the same can be considered as the major achievement towards the ultimately winning approval for the said auto- driven vehicles on the roads.

On Fourth day of February, the decision was told by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to the Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc. by its unreported letter, which was addressed to the company as shown posted on the website of the Agency this week.

The Unit dealing with the Self- driven car of Google, had earlier on Twelfth day of November, last year forwarded its proposed design for the Self- driving car, which was requiring no human driver to drive the car. The said letter is containing its made proposal and this was clarified by the Chief Counsel- Paul Hemmersbaugh. He is Chief counsel for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Moreover, the letter further shows that in the context of Google’s described motor vehicle design, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will consider it as ‘driver’.

It was seen in the recent years that the major manufacturers of the vehicles were racing for developing such automatic driven vehicles, and now Google seems succeeded.

However, in the opinion of the various other manufacturers who were also in the race, that in connection with Google, the State and Federal Safety rules are against testing and eventual deployment of such vehicles.

Moreover, in the comments from California, it has proposed the draft rules where the steering wheels and driving licenses in all self- driving cars found must.

However, it is now much confirmed that, if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now prepared to accept such system as driver, then there would be less chances of any hurdles on the path of its coming experience by the people.

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