Government seeks to term ‘incidents of terrorism’ as War: Debate on Pathankot attack

New Delhi: Yesterday, on Wednesday 16th March, India declared that they want to maintain good relations with all its neighbours, even including Pakistan, however, the same should not be at cost of its “pride, dignity and self- respect”. Also it was stated that it would not compromise with its security at any cost.

The terror attack on Pathankot airbase, in January is termed by India as a “part of asymmetric” war, it is now saying that it would ensure that the enemies cannot go scot- free and even small incidents of the terrorism have to be treated as war.

The statements in behalf of the country were preferred by the Home Minister- Rajnath Singh and he was debating on the issue of Pathankot attack, in the Lok Sabha, while such he stated to want good relations with all neighbouring countries.

When opposition questioned the success of Prime Minister- Narendra Modi’s Lahore stopover, the said remarks were came out from Home Minister- Singh.

It was question from the side of opposition noting that the terror strike had happened just a few days after the visit of PM- Narendra Modi.

However, Home Minister- Singh choose to cite the latest forensic report and said that the burnt mass of human males which were found inside the building were of terrorists, however, he said establishment of the identity of such burnt remains is not possible.

Moreover, as per Defence Minster- Manohar Parrikar, who said contrary to the contentions of NIA- the probing agency in connection with the Pathankot attack, found stated that there were six attackers who were neutralised over two days. Four were killed on the first day and balance two were engaged and killed next day. However, seven security personnel’s lives were also lost in the attack.

Parrikar remarked Pathankot attack as “accumulation of asymmetric war” and then he assured the members in the lower house that all the security gaps had been filled up and also the security audits of all defence establishments, they have already conducted.

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