Gujarat’s Patel Quota Agitation: Surat- based youngster committed suicide for expressing support

Police Clash In Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Today, on 18th April too, the state of Gujarat seems remaining on edge, as yesterday there was a ‘jail bharo’ agitation which was initiated by the Patel/ Patidar leaders turned suddenly in violent, while police sought to initiate lathicharge after the situation was not seemed under control when officials used tear gas weapons. While so, today the agitation also took a serious turn when a youth of about twenty- seven years old committed suicide for expressing the support to the quota reservation.

Yesterday, while there being a critical situation, several leaders along with the Patel supporters were beaten by the police officials in lathicharge, then the protesters decided to call for Monday a Gujarat Bandh.

It was seen yesterday, that the said Patel protesters had decided to conduct a rally for the demands of releasing the arrested leader- Hardik Patel, however, the said rally was stopped as no permission was given in this connection. The Patel protesters allegedly turned violent and Police as such resorted to lathicharge and tear gas shells firing. And in such clashes, the leaders including the SPG- Sardar Patel Group leader- Lalji Patel also found receiving injuries. Thus, all the patel protesters got violent and decided to call such bandh.

The said leader- Hardik Patel was arrested by the Police officials on the charges of Sedition in the month of October, 2015 and now protesters demanding his release.

Yesterday, looking to the situation, the authorities decided to impose curfew orders and also there were deployed the Border Security Force- BSF personnel in Mehsana.

The recently coming reports also show that a twenty- seven years old youth- namely, Bhavin Munsukh Khut from Surat has committed suicide by poisoning himself. Moreover, reportedly, it is also shown that he committed suicide for expressing solidarity which the Patel agitation for reservation.

Moreover, today it is also seen that the over a thousand of the agitators from the Patel Community in Mehsana and over five hundred from Surat were taken into preventive custody as large gathered near the district jails in both the places in defiance of the prohibitory orders.

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