Gurgaon to become ‘Gurugram’ and Mewat to ‘Nuh’; Haryana CM approves proposal

Manohar Lal

Chandigarh: On Tuesday, the State Government of Haryana made decision to rename Gurgaon as ‘Gurugram’ and also its neighbouring district Mewat as ‘Nuh’. It was pointed that the town Gurgaon has derived its name from Guru Dronacharya; and the village was given to him as ‘gurudakshina’ by the Pandavas, as such it is named as ‘Gurugram’.

Moreover, as per the Official spokesperson who spoke while announcing the change of name, that the decision as to such change in the name of the Gurgaon, has been taken on the basis of the representations which were received at several forums.

While describing the new name and the importance of the area, the official further preferred to say that Haryana was a historic land found mention in the religious book- Bhagwat Gita and Gurgaon was a great centre for learning, where an education was spread by the Guru Dronacharya to the Pandavas and Kauras.

It was also learnt from the sources that the Gurugram name while in the course of time got distorted to Gurgaon, as such the considering the demand by the people which was from the long period existing, the change of name was effected and Gurgaon is renamed as Gurugram.

Moreover, so far as the Mewat’s change of name is concerned, the spokesperson further said that in fact Mewat is a geographical and cultural unit and not a town. The area of Mewat is spread even beyond Haryana in the neighbouring states’ territory like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan’s territory. It is also stated that the Mewat district’s headquarters are at Nuh town. In this case also, the people and also the elected representatives were long demanding the change of name of Mewat to Nuh.

As such, the changes in the names were effected after approval from the Chief Minister of the State- Manohar Lal Khattar. Moreover, it is further notable that the proposal to change the names, is yet to be confirmed by the Government of India, as such the matter is pending till that Government announces its approval through the Gazette Notification.

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