Handwara Killings: CM- Mehbooba Mufti promises ‘punishment’ for culprits; appeals for ‘peace’

Mehbooba Mufti

Jammu: In connection with the Handwara row, today, on 18th April, Mehbooba Mufti- the Chief Minister of the State of Jammu and Kashmir reportedly, promised that those who will be found guilty in the Handwara and Kupwara incidents will be punished and also she appealed to the youth to help restoring the peace, as she said it was a prerequisite for the State’s development.

In her words, the State’s Chief Minister- Mehbooba said that “I appeal to my people especially to the youth that wherever there is injustice, strict action would be taken and severe punishment would be given.”

While she was asked a question about the action taken against those involved in the Handwara’s and Kupwara’s violence issue, where 5 people were killed.

Moreover, as per the CM- Mehbooba, the State having prerequisites which are ‘peace’ and ‘tranquility’ and if such prerequisites were absent then it would be the common people who bore the burden. In her words she said “If there is peace, there will be ‘development’, ‘happiness’, ‘tourism” and as such the people will be appearing leading a ‘prosperous life’, she said. Also she added “if God forbid, there is no peace, our people would be the worst sufferers.”

As such, the CM- Mehbooba asked the people, especially youths and their parents and families to ‘help’ the Government restoring peace in the State, so that the State can be developed and the State’s miseries should go away.

However, in the comments, Nirmal Singh- the Deputy Chief Minister of the State sought to allege the conspiracy is there behind the recent spurt of violence in the Kashmir Valley.

Singh also alleged that the “anti- national elements, the anti- people elements have succeeded in creating a rumour which ultimately led to the unfortunate situation (violence).”

He also said that Government ensuring that such incidents should not arise in future, as the Kupwara is a peaceful area. He said in visit, the Chief Minister and he saw tension in Handwara.

Moreover, he also said that the law will take its own course, against the people who will be found responsible for the ‘rumour’, however, he seemed first giving preference to the ‘peace restoration’.

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