HC of Uttarakhand seemed in ‘pain’ when Centre says no guarantee on revocation of President’s Rule

High Court of Uttarakhand

Dehradun, Uttarakhand: The honourable High Court of Uttarakhand’s made fresh burst of criticism today, on 21st April, received by the Central Government, and in such criticism, the court pointed saying that it is ‘pained’ that the Central Government can behave like this, when centre said it cannot guarantee whether Rule of President will be revoked for the hill state.

Moreover, it was pointed therein that the High Court of Uttarakhand was deciding the issue, that whether the central government has correctly decided in the March month that the State of Uttarakhand will be governed by its representative- K. K. Paul, the Governor. It was seen that the said move of the Central Government, led to the removal of the Chief Minister from the State who was from the Congress party, along with his government in the fifth year of their tenure. The said Chief Minister of that state was Harish Rawat.

While so, the Court seemed desiring that the said Rule of President to be remained in operation till the final verdict from the Court come out. And also it is made clear by the Court that if such expected situation is not happen then as per Judges, who are worried, that the Bhartiya Janata Party will be given a chance for proving it has enough support among legislators for forming the new Government.

Moreover, the judges from the Court also found saying that in case the Central government revoke “President’s Rule and invite somebody” for the formation of new government, “it will be a travesty of justice.” Court also asked “Is the (Union) government a private party?”

It was seen earlier that the then Chief Minister- Rawat moved to the Court where he has accused the Centre for unfairly evicting the elected Government of an Opposition party. However, as per the contentions from the Centre, it said that Rawat had lost his majority in the legislature in March, as evidenced by the fact that 9 of his own party members voted against the budget he presented for the State.

When Mr. Rawat was scheduled to take a trust vote, the Centre imposed a President’s Rule a day before to that scheduled date, controversially.

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