Health Alert: Cough Syrups with codeine banned among 350 drugs

New Delhi: In moves significantly which ensures efficacy and safety of medicines, Health Ministry had have banned nearly 350 (FDC) fixed-dose combination drugs which are available widely in markets till date. Such medicine includes FDC’s on basis of codeines. These are well-known cough syrups such as Corex and Phensedyl.

Government have decided prohibiting sales and manufacturing of such medicines since they had been found being “irrational” with no usage and efficacy therapeutically. In fewer cases also there had been concerns regarding misuses of these medicines. They were regarded unsafe for general masses consumptions. It was informed to Times of India by sources officially.

Whilst Health Ministry have approved already banning orders from Friday’s immediate effects, notifications gazette wise are likely being printed by 14th March 2016. This was told by an official of health ministry. There were deliberations on this specific issue for nearly 4 years now. Such cases had been evaluated and examined at various levels by drug regulators and expert committees.

By following recommendations of them, there were issuing of show cause notices to respective companies for selling and manufacturing such drugs. Responses are considered also in details before making this specific decision in interests of public. This was said by official. There was successful campaigning conducted such that profit motives of sellers are not hampered. 18 drug combinations are regarded useless.

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