Health Ministry banned repeated drug test on animals for already approved drugs

New Delhi: The Union Ministry for Health has removed repeated drug testing for those drugs which have been tested abroad already. This duplicate testing saves large sums of money as well as thousands of animals. Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister of women and child development had earlier written to the Health ministry about this practice. Investigational New Drug Committee and Drug Technical Advisory Board have also stated that non animal alternatives where available should be used.

Humane Society International, Humane Society India and People for Animals which are leading animal welfare groups have also welcomed the move. Sophisticated alternatives to animal testing should always be encouraged and this move is the tip of the iceberg for prevention of animal cruelty.

Health ministry’s efforts are applauded and welcomed. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) regarded Mutual Acceptance of Data as a benchmark for Indian Good Laboratory Practice laboratories. All OECD members regard this benchmark to be sanctity in relation to animal testing and go ahead in emphasizing non animal alternatives to testing.

All such deeds are extremely important to handle animal cruelty scenarios and should always be encouraged. Hence such deeds should always be lauded by one and all alongside all major testing labs across the globe. Also all the testing labs in India should respect this legislature to handle the problem of animal cruelty passionately.

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