Hezbollah Commander killed in Syria

Mustafa Badreddine Hezbollah Commander

Beirut: The senior military commander from Hezbollah has been killed in Syria, who was supposed to be behind the deadliest modern- day attack on United States troops and the assassination of a former Lebanese Prime Minister.

The said senior military commander was identified as Mustafa Badreddine who was also pointed as the mastermind behind the operations of Labanese Shia Group in the civil war of Syria since it came to the aid of the Assad regime and its Iranian backers.

When such senior militant was reportedly, killed, the suspicion was immediately fell on Israel, which has earlier killed Hezbollah’s number of other leaders over the years, and such big leaders also including the operational commander, Imad Mughniyeh and Badreddine’s cousin and brother- in- law, in the year 2008. Moreover, Nawar- al- Saheli, who was the member of parliament from Hezbollah, was also accused of Lebanon’s southern neighbour.

While, the Hezbollah refused to comment on the death of the Badreddine, as the investigation is still continue as to how he died, either by missile, air strike or artillery, however, it has shown that Hezbollah is having doubts as to such.

However, while suggesting some instances, Hezbollah has commented that “He (Badreddine) said a few months ago, ‘I will not come back from Syria, unless carried as a martyr or carrying the flag of victory.”

It was also pointed that the said Badreddine had earlier took over the role of Military Commander of Hezbollah- Mughniyeh, who was also one of the three top advisers to the Hassan Nasrallah- the leader of Hezbollah. Also, he was the most of shadowy figures of the Group, and was also known as the “untraceable ghost.”

Being only fifty- five- year- old, the said Mustafa Badreddine was never issued with the Passport and went by many aliases.

In the year 1970s, being simply a teenager, the said Mustafa is thought to have joined his first militant group. And the said Hezbollah was the Shia Islamist group backed by Iran and was emerged from the Lebanese civil war. He was also supposed to have involvement in the bombings of United States in the year 1983, at its Army Barracks in Beirut.

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