Himachal Bus Accident: Nine people killed and 36 seriously injured

Bus accident Himachal

Mandi; Himachal Pradesh: On 7th May, Yesterday’s night the journey from Dharamsala to Rekong Peo proved dangerous for all those who were travelling through the Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s bus which fell into the gorge near Jogindernagar, and this accident has killed at least 9 people on the spot and other thirty- six people were shown to have received serious injuries.

The said Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s bus is belonging to the state’s roadways and it skidded off the road and suddenly fell into the gorge in the Mandi District of the Himachal Pradesh state, as per the Police information. Moreover, the police also confirmed that this accident had killed about 9 people and also left other 36 people injured.

The exact location where such accident is taken place is Jogindernagar, which is located about two hundred kilometres from the State capital, Shimla. Moreover, the Police Official further pointed that as the many of the people were rescued in very critical condition, the death toll as is now about 9 people, could be increasing.

Moreover, the police official also found stated that the many people were injured in this accident, were taken to the Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College at Tanda in Kangra district and PGI in Chandigarh.

Moreover, as per the eyewitnesses, who were present and saw the happening of the said accident, found stated that the driver probably lost the control over the vehicle while it was carrying the passenger, and all of a sudden the vehicle- Bus fell into the gorge, while drier want to negotiate a turn.

Though it may so, but still the major lives loss has been resulted from such big tragedy, and as such the situation and atmosphere in the nearby area is little panic and people seemed taking care while they are driving their held vehicles while facing any turnings.

Notably, out of the nine, eight bodies have been retrieved from the wreckage of the bus and more deaths are not ruled out as some of the injured persons were in critical condition, as stated by the Police officials.

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