Historic Visit: US President Obama landed in Cuba for the first visit by a sitting President in 88 years

Cuba: Barack Obama reached Cuba on Sunday for an extra ordinary visit to stop decades of cold war standoff. It was since 88 years a sitting president visiting the island nation. Obama joined with his family, Michelle and their daughters Malia and Sasha. Air Force one was landed in the rainy day in Havana and in the occasion of greeting ceremony by the staff of US Embassy in capital city Havana, Obama says that “This is a historic visit and a historic Opportunity,”.

Hundred of gathering applause and shouted when Obama and family stepped forward in the square of Havana Cathedral. US President Obama got warm welcome by top Cuban officials, but President Raul Castro was absent in the airport, instead according to report, he will greet Obama at the Palace of the Revolution on Monday, today.

79 year old Odilla Collazo said in Spanish while seeing his arrival on state television “He wanted to come to Cuba with all his heart,” “Let God will that this is good for all Cubans. It seems to me that Obama wants to do something good before he leaves.”

Obama’s tour to Cuba got great anticipation in Cuba, workers cleans streets, paints buildings and American flags raised alongside Cuban flag in the capital city of Havana.

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