Hrithik’s lawyers says that they will prove that he had no relationship with Kangana

Hrithik Kangana Clash

Mumbai: After a serious legal noticing battle and allegations which the bollywood actor- Hrithik Roshan and actress- Kangna Ranaut preferred, now actor- Hrithik and his lawyers appearing to be in no mood to step back a bit from the ongoing legal battle against Actress- Kangna Ranaut. Moreover, the lawyers representing the bollywood’s Krish actor- Hrithik, found stated that they will prove Hrithik has had no relationship with the Kangna.

It was seen that the said lawyers who are fighting the battle for Hrithik was talking with the media agency and while so they said that “the facts have been now presented to the authorities. Let’s not get confused in this war of words.” Moreover, they said “we will prove that our client Hrithik Roshan has had no relationship with Kangana Ranaut.” The lawyers also shown to have presented the “solid” evidences which will as per them require the investigating authorities to decide the issue in favour of actor.

It was also seen that the said lawyers also said that they are not having any interest in “playing game of notices and counter- notices.” And also they said that they were only “pursuing this to bring out the correct facts” and also that will happen “through bonafide investigation,” they suggested. Saying this, the lawyers also assured that the “facts will soon come out.”

The lawyers also made it clear that the currently ongoing battle is between “man vs woman, Powerful vs week”, but it is a battle about “lie vs truth.”

It was seen earlier that on yesterday’s evening the statements were issued by the lawyer- Rizwan Siddiquee representing the bollywood’s actress- Kangna Ranaut, and now preferring all these contentions, the team of the lawyers representing Hrithik Roshan offered counter statements on such statements.

It was seen on Thursday, that the Siddiquee- counsel for Kangna stated that his client Kangna has alleged that Mr. Hrithik Roshan “was continuously hacking her email accounts” and this has led the actress to “shut and abandon her two primary email accounts” and this was taken place about eight and plus months ago.

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