Huma Qureshi said to have auditioned for The Mummy opposite to Tome Cruise

Huma Qureshi

Bollywood: The Indian Film Industry is providing number of its talents to reach Hollywood and foreign film industries. It can seen amongst the film stars or actors that success for them also found in their getting recognition in the Hollywood, like Priyanka Chopra who got her recognition by playing role in Baywatch which is an high profile Hollywood launch. Now, the news as to the actor- Huma Qureshi’s auditions for the leading role in the coming franchise of The Mummy, is coming from the film world. It is yet to be fully confirmed.

But still, as bollywood’s other star actors like Deepika Padukone and also Priyanka Chopra, now Huma Qureshi would also get this wonderful opportunity to play the most important role in the biggest franchise of the Hollywood movies.

It was earlier seen that the Deepika Padukone got role in the most famous movie with high profile Hollywood launches, the movie named xXx: Xander Cage Returns. And now it is turn for the bollywood’s talented actress- Huma Qureshi who may snag a big film in the west.

Huma Qureshi is the most famous actress in the bollywood with her big movie- Gangs of Wasseypur. It is learnt from the sources, reportedly, that the said actress has auditioned for the third instalment of the ‘The Mummy’ franchise featuring the Hollywood’s top class actor (A- lister actor) Tom Cruise and Sophia Boutella. About her every big audition, the official spokesperson from the actor confirmed the said.

It was said that spokesperson for Huma Qureshi found stated that “Huma has recently auditioned for the third part of the successful franchise starring Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella playing the lead antagonist.” Moreover, if such sources will be believed for the time being, then it can now be safely said here that the bollywood’s actress Huma has auditioned for the main lead who will be opposite to Tom Cruise.

It is notable that the said bollywood actress is now days seemed busy in the shooting of the Hindi Remake of the Hollywood film, Oculus, where she is also seemed working with the co- stars, her brother and actor Saqib Saleem in a pivotal role.

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