Hyderabad University Protests again: About 70 and more students arrested

Hyderabad: Today, the Hyderabad again facing clashes at the Hyderabad Central University, and this time it is on the issue of the suicide case. Nearly 70 and above students were found arrested in such clashes.

The reports says that the protests this time seen as ‘volatile’ protests over the PhD student’s suicide issue. The student- Rohith Vemula who had committed suicide in the month of January, now, the protests is being initiated in this connection.

Moreover, while in the protests, the students found demanding the removal of Vice- Chancellor- Appa Rao. While so, these students appeared breaking down the campus gates and raising various slogans as to their demands. Even, the protesters were also seen trying to approach the office of V C- Appa Rao, besides there being a heavy security and barricades.

One from the protesters found stated that the said Appa Rao has “turned the University into a Jail”, and as such the protesters demanding his removal with an immediate effect.

The said University is ranked as India’s one of the best universities. And it was seen when the said University started discussing the appointment of the ombudsman, an anti- discrimination officer and an Equal Opportunity Cell, the said clashes initiated.

It was seen that the suicide committed by the student of the University has created a tensed atmosphere in the University, and his suicide has been held up as protesters as an example of deep- seated caste discrimination on campus, which as per them allegedly encouraged by the said V C- Appa Rao.

As such, now the students found demanding his removal from the post. Moreover, some also found demanding Appa Rao to be kept out of the process for selection of an ombudsman- as per the direction of the court.

It was seen that the said PhD student from the same University had hanged himself to death, on 17th day of January, this year. And this Rohith Vemula was allegedly banned from the hostel and other areas on the campus. As per the supporters of such deceased- Vemula, he was allegedly ostracized for his being a ‘Dalit’.

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