IIT Aspirant jumps to death as disappointed of getting low marks in IIT- JEE Mains

suicide of student

Kota; Rajasthan: The recently declared results of Indian Institution of Technology Joint Entrance Examination- IIT- JEE mains seemed unsatisfactory for the seventeen- year- old girl, who allegedly killed herself by jumping from the fifth floor of the building, as per police.

It is allegedly shown that the said IIT Aspirant being only 17 years old of her age was studying at the Coaching Institute in Kota in the state of Rajasthan, and she jumped from the fifth floor of the building, in which she was residing. The incident was seen happening in the morning time today, on 29th day of April, as per the Police officials’ reports.

Police further said that the said aspirant was disappointed with her scores in IIT- JEE mains. Not only this, the said case of suicide by student, in said area i.e. in Kota in Rajasthan is not a single case, however, this is the ‘fifth’ of such cases this year. Yesterday, it was seen that the said results of the IIT- JEE Mains were declared.

It is further shown that that said girl who committed allegedly ‘suicide’ had received low marks, as such she was disappointed with such low marks, as per the Police official- SHO- Harish Bharti from the Jawharnagar Police Station.

After she jumped from the said building, people rushed to her, and taken her to the MBS hospital immediately, however, the doctors from the said hospital declared her dead as was brought dead.

The Father of the girl with whom the said girl was living, was the resident of Delhi, and currently they were living in the rented flat in the Indira Vihar area in Kota. Since from the two years back, the said girl student was taking coaching for IIT- JEE entrance exam in Kota, as per the police officials.

She also wrote a Suicide Note which was recovered from her room, however, Police said nothing about such note can be disclosed at this time.

After the sudden decision of suicide the Father of girl- Kirti is still in the state of shock and unable to speak.

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