In Bihar, PM Narendra Modi slams Congress, lauds chief minister Nitish Kumar

PM Modi

Hajipur: PM modi on saturday prepared his weapons on Congress blaming it for “disregarding” Bihar’s advancement since freedom and reviewed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s past relationship with NDA as he initiated various railroad ventures in Bihar.

While devoting recently built Digha-Sonepurrail-cum-road bridge to the country, which is expressed to be the longest in the nation, modi ji said that “This project was initiated when Nitish Kumar was the railway minister and Atal ji was the Prime Minister. The dream of that time is being realised now. “Had this not been neglected in last 10 years and work been taken up for it even under routine budget, even then it would have been completed in six-seven years,”

He regretted that the expense of the task raised from its before assessment of Rs 600 crore to Rs 3,000 crore because of the “postponement”. “This money belongs to people. Some or the other reasons crop up in our country that the process of development gets derailed,” he said.

Moreover he said that “I am grateful to Nitish ji. Work is progressing with speed in Bihar due to his efforts. If the central government and the Bihar government decisively work, we can finish the work fast and make a proud Bihar,”.

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