India may allow setting up of Campuses of Foreign University in the country: Niti Aayog submits reports in support

NITI Aayog

New Delhi: As per the Niti Aayog’s submitted report to the Prime Minister Office and to the Human Resource Development, the foreign universities in India will hopefully become a reality. The said report from Niti Aayog has called for the invitation of the foreign universities to set up campuses in India.

In the report by the Niti Aayog, it has also suggested that the providers of the foreign education will be allowed entry into the country (India) via three ways, in which the Operation of foreign universities in the country must be regulated by the Indian laws, the amendments will be brought in the University Grants Commission Act of 1956 and also in the University Regulations, for allowing the said foreign universities to enter as ‘deemed universities’ and also by facilitating the joint ventures between the Indian and foreign institutions.

Moreover, the report from the Niti Aayog also sought to clarify the instances in which the Foreign universities will be helping the India, in which it said that the ‘high standards’ in the foreign universities will increase the competition and this as per Aayog will result in bettering the higher educational standards in the country. Moreover, the Aayog also pointed the coming gains in both terms as for resources in human and also for resources in financial, etc. The bringing of the foreign Universities will also help the country to bear lower capital expenditures in the cost of setting up of an institution in high and land and buildings.

It was seen earlier that the said Niti Aayog was last year asked by the country’s Prime Minister- Narendra Modi to study the reports on the establishments of the Foreign University and also to study the possible ensuring problems.

Moreover, the proposal in connection with the bringing of the foreign universities in India, was supported by around 10 states from India, in which the States of Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir also seems supporting, where BJP is in power.

Earlier several attempts were seen by the Past Governments for establishing the proper regulations for facilitating the entry of the foreign institutions in India, however, a Bill through which such proposal was made in the year 1995 was stopped, later the second attempt in the year 2005- 06 was also stopped. And in the third attempt the BJP itself was seen opposing the task.

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