India researchers in Facebook Bug Bounty programme raked Rs. 4.84 crores

New Delhi: The Social Media Networking major- Facebook said that it has paid 4.84 crores of rupees to security researchers in India as a part of its bug bounty programme. The amounts appearing the most paid till the date, by it. The world’s largest social networking platform- Facebook is having over 142 million of its users and as per the researchers who are contributing to its bug bounty programme, who said on a blog, this holds top rank among the 127 countries throughout the world.

In the Blog, Adam Ruddermann- The technical program manager on the Facebook Bug Bounty team, wrote that the country is a “home” for the largest population of security researchers (which are around 205) who are participating in the Facebook Bug Bounty programme, since from its inception in the year 2011.

It is notable that in the software or hardware, the bug is an error or defect which usually causing a programme to malfunction. And often such bug can be seen occurring due to conflicts in the software when applications is trying to run in tandem.

Software can be caused to crashed or may be required to produce by such software, an unexpected result. Also, some of the dangerous defects could be used to gain unauthorized access to systems.

Thus, the protection of software or hardware from or against the bugs is really the matter of concern. It was seen from the year 2011, the Facebook’s Bug Bounty programme was launched and from that point of time, it has received over 2,400 valid submissions and has awarded more than 4.3 million dollars for 800 and above researches globally.

Also, as per programme, the researchers are getting rewarded for their reporting security bugs, and also for their identifying vulnerabilities in Facebook’s services or infrastructure can create security or privacy risks.

In the year 2015, the team of Facebook has classified around 102 Bug bounty submissions as high impact, an increase of 38 per cent over the previous year. Totally, there were 13,233 total submissions from the 5,543 researchers in 127 countries and paid 936,000 dollars to 210 researchers, who submitted a total of 526 valid reports.

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