India successfully launches its 7th and Last Satellite for its Own Navigation System

IRNSS 1G Satellite launch

Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh: Today, on Thursday, 28th April, the Indian Space Research Organisation- Isro found accomplishing the task of developing the navigation system with the successful launch of IRNSS- 1G which is India’s own navigation system, and is last in the series of seven navigation satellites.

IRNSS- 1G which means Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System – 1G was lifted off by the PSLV- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C33 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre’s based first launch pad which is located in the Sriharikota. The said launch was experienced at about 12: 50. Thereafter, about 20 minutes gone after liftoff, the said PSLV- C33 successfully without trouble placed the said Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System- 1G in orbit. Moreover, this satellite is having a twelve years mission life.

Now with such really important launch, the country (India) has now joined the league of the countries, which are having indigenous navigation system. And now with such important launch of the navigation system, the India will be seeing the reduction in the dependency of the Country on the United States Global Positioning System.

Also notably, now India has joined the community of only few countries in which the United States, European Union, China and Russia are only having their won navigation system in place. Thus, it can also be termed as big achievement for India.

It was seen from the many years back, the country had been mostly dependent on the Global Positioning System which was developed by the United States, as the project which was seemed began in the year 1973. However, in the year 1999, when there was a kargil war, the country was denied by the United States to offer GPS information, and that time India was feeling dept need of an indigenous navigation system.

As such the IRNSS system was have been designed and now it is to provide accurate position information for the users within the country and in the region extending up to fifteen hundred kilometres from the boundary. Also it will offer standard positioning service- SPS for all the users with a position accuracy of better than twenty metres.

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