India told UN HR Body: Peaceful Protest’s right not be divested, but it must not “Paralyse Society”

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United Nations: India told United Nations Human Rights Body that the people cannot be separated from their right to “peaceful protests”, however, any such protest or demonstration should not to be permitted so as to “paralyse” the life of the civilized society.

The Permanent Representative of India at United State in Geneva- Ajit Kumar found stating from India in its Explanation of Vote in connection with the adoptions of Draft resolution on ‘Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Context of Peaceful Protests’. The Statements were preferred on Thursday, i.e. on 24th of this Month.

Moreover, India’s Representative- Ajit Kumar further sought to mention that, India being the largest democracy in the World is committed to rule of law and as per the Constitution of India the people are provided with the All Fundamental Rights and also Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression as well as the Right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly is covering the ‘Right to Peaceful Protests’ too.

Also, he stated that such rights cannot be take away from any one or even any one cannot be divested or even abridged of such rights. However, as per Ajit Kumar, as every rights are having a corresponding duty and in the name of the legitimate exercise by one’s right, the fundamental rights of others cannot be “scuttled”.

Even, the Constitution of India is also providing, as per Ajit Kumar, that the “Enjoyment of rights always entails a degree of responsibility” moreover, he said under the provisions of the Constitution of India, under its clearly recognised “reasonable restrictions”.

Moreover, he said that the fundamental right of each citizen is “sacrosanct” in the democratic polity, however, “the collective cannot undermine the same”. Also he stated that the persons or the organizations must often be “cognisant that in the name of demonstration or protest, the life of a civilized society cannot be allowed to be paralysed”.

Also, representative- Ajit Kumar further said that the recommendations of the joint compilation of the Special Rapporteur could certainly generate interest for recognizing the core objective of upholding ‘freedom of peaceful assembly’ and ‘association’.

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