Indian Air Force’s TEJAS missed its target: IAF to examine the issue

New Delhi: On the issue that ‘why the Air force has failed to spot Two- targets while a much- tout combat exercise at Pokhran (Rajasthan) test facility on 18th day of March’, the Air force has decided to “critically” examine, as was told by the top officer in the Indian Air Force- IAF familiar with the drills. The light combat aircraft- TEJAS which was indigenously developed, has failed to hit the target while there was a firepower demonstration witnessed by the Prime Minister of country and also the President of the country with other top dignitaries.

It was yesterday, on Monday, the IAF’s top official has admitted the fact of missing the target during the exercise of Iron Fist, 2016 in Rajasthan’s Pokhran, held last week. TEJAS had fired a leser- guided bomb and had missed its target. However, it was notable that the said officer denied the allegation of TEJAS’s failure, and it was sought to settled by saying that “it happens during exercises”.

It was seen and experienced by many, that on last Friday, on 18th March, there was a remarkable show of firepower and the Indian Air Force was seen making a dazzling display of its military skills. While in the occasion, it was seen claiming that the TEJAS had hit the target.

A Senior Air Force official found stated that the “LGB fired from the LCA (TEJAS)” had missed the given target and the officials are looking for the reasons thereon. He further said that “there was a malfunction of the bomb”. However, talking on the part of pilot, the official said that there was “no fault” on pilot’s part or even with the aircraft itself.

Also, Rochelle D’Silva- the Indian Air Force’s Spokesperson and Wing Commander told the new agency that the Ammunition and the Weapons had performed as they were expected to perform in the occasion. Moreover, the officer found added that the Air force would increase the number of assault platforms based on the threat’s nature.

It was seen that there were about 181 aircraft involved in the Iron Fist, will de- induct by 22nd March, this year and among them 103 fighter planes and other weapons systems and air warriors inclusive. And thereafter only the Indian Air Force will be examining the hits and misses in detail.

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