Indian cigarette factories close production due to health warning rules

Kolkata: A maker of Indian cigarettes includes ITC Ltd which is partly owned by British American Tobacco suspended Friday production (1st April 2016) over ambiguity’s in newer rules of warnings of health of government for packs. This was told by leading industrial bodies. Rules mandated 85 percent of packing surfaces of cigarettes being covered in warnings of health.

Nearly 20 percent kicked from 1st April 2016 after becoming delayed for years. Makers of cigarettes failed in compliance with packing with small warnings being sold still in New Delhi capital. (TII) Tobacco Institute of India told industries were concerned about potential violations of rules of warnings regarding health by continuation of productions.

Additionally being told is that production halts costs industrial Dollar 53 million in one day. In 2015 India was forced for delaying implementations of rules of warnings of packs stringently because panels of parliamentary sought times for assessing as to how industries are impacted. Later decision was made by ministry of health for implementing rules from 2016 April.

But March’s panels issued reports telling that warning sizes must be reduced to percentile 50 in interests of farmers of tobacco and industries. Activists of health criticized panels favoring industries. WHO have called debates on warning sizes reductions in our nation India as becoming “worrisome”. Cigarette smoking is not good for health.

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