Indian national- Kripal Singh jailed at Pakistan found dead in jail: Sarabjit’s Sister says it is a ‘murder’

kripal singh

New Delhi: On Monday, i.e. 11th day of April, an Indian national- Kripal Singh who was imprisoned in the Kot Lakhpat Jail of Pakistan died under the mysterious circumstances. As such, the sister of Dalibir Kaur- a sister of earlier died Sarabjit Singh alleged that the said death of Kripal Singh is a murder.

The said deceased Kripal Singh who was languishing in the jail at Pakistan since from the year 1992, was as per the statements given by Dalbir Kaur, actually murdered in such jail. While talking to the media, the sister of Sarabjit Singh said “Kripal Singh has been murdered. His death is not normal (Kripal Singh ki hatya hui hai, maut nahi)”. In her allegation, she also preferred to say that the said deceased Kripal Singh has met the same fate as that of her brother- Sarabjit Singh, who was also brutally attacked and murdered by his fellow inmates at the same jail- Kot Lakhpat Jail, in the year 2013 (April).

As such, the sister of Sarabji Singh is now claiming the high level enquiry into the case, and she also want that the Government from India shall also set up a committee for finding out the truth behind the issue.

While talking to the media, she said “High Level enquiry should be done”. And the government from India need to send a committee, by forming the same, to Pakistan and investigate the case.

It was informed by the officials from the Kot Lakhpat Jail, Pakistan, that the “Kripal Singh was found dead at his cell” in early hours of yesterday. Moreover, the officials also said that his dead body is also sent to the hospital (Jinah Hospital, Lahore) for autopsy.

The Indian national Kripal Singh was fifty- five- years of his age, was earlier arrested by the authorities in Pakistan on the charges of spying and terror, and he have been serving in the Pakistani Jail from 1992. He was charged for his apparently crossed the Wagah border in an inebriated state.

Now, the kin of the deceased also saying that the Government of India at least can hand over the Kirpal Singh’s dead body to them.

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