Indian Summer this year could prove ‘Hottest Ever’ summer, as IMD

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New Delhi: As India is facing major water crisis issues, and also there can be seen large number of people dying due to hunting by summer, the present year being 2016 is as such considered in India as in on course to be the Hottest ever, as shown by the weather trends so far this year.

It was also observed by the Ministry of Earth Sciences that this year “could be one of the warmest years of the century” for India. moreover, As per the Dr. M. Rajeevan- a lead Meteorologist at the Ministry of Earth Sciences found stated that the already gone months like January, February and also a March months have proved to be warm in this year 2016. The said statements were quoted by the news agency The Indian Express.

Also, it was seen that the NOOA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from the United States has also found clarified this saying that this year is likely to beat the last year (2015) as the hottest year on record globally.

As such, the summer this year looking much crazy and everyone on this earth facing much troubles due to warm atmosphere. Moreover, as per the IMD- India Meteorological Department, which has shown its apprehensions that with several parts of the country (India) recording above normal temperatures in the early of this year, thus it expressed that this summer could prove one of the hottest ever summer and results we all are experiencing.

Moreover, as per the Director General- Laxman Singh Rathore from IMD who said that it was earlier the 2015 year was recorded as ‘hottest years ever’, but the forecast for the summer from IMD already “talks of above normal temperatures”. Thus, it is also said by him that “if you also look at the summer temperature until now, it looks that 2016 summer will be hottest.”

Also it is shown reportedly that there should also be EI Nino Phenomena this year which would have become reason for pushing temperatures up. This EI Nino Phenomena is likely to become neutral in the coming months.

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