Indian Woman wins battle against Wipro in London; She challenged Gender Discrimination by Wipro

Shreya Ukil

Bangaluru: A former Senior Techie at the London- based Wipro back office, namely Shreya Ukil claimed to have won a lawsuit in the British Tribunal against the IT major- Wipro for sacking her on the basis of the Gender Discrimination, unequal pay and victimization. However, the claim from the IT major include that the said Tribunal had upheld the dismissal saying it was appropriate and also as per this IT major, the claims of Indian- origin woman was dismissed as adverse cultural attitude towards women in the organisation.

The said woman being about forty- year- old from Indian- origin was, as per the statements which were asserted, “victimised by Wipro’s leadership for speaking up about sex discrimination, unequal pay and a culture of sexism.”

Moreover, the lawyers representing the Indian lady in the British Tribunal, namely Slater & Gordon in their joint statement from the London, made yesterday, on Wednesday said that the “Wipro leadership team, including it’s the then Chief Executive- T. K. Kurien, conspired to push Ukil out of her job and her role in Britain.”

Moreover, the judgement so claimed by the Indian lady was came from the London Employment Tribunal which had found that the direction (sacking her from Job) had come from the very top and was followed through with considerable resolve.

However, the reports from the IT major- Wipro appears entirely in contradiction to Ukil’s claim, as stated in the statements later that, “it was pleased that tribunal had upheld the dismissal of the complaint of the complainant from the services of the Organisation as appropriate and rejected claims of adverse culture attitude towards women in the organisation.”

Moreover, responding to the statements from Wipro, the Indian lady mailed and stated that she had won on her claim for equal pay, as she did the same work as her male peers in the same grade were doing.

Moreover, in her statements she also said “the court also ruled in my favour on sex discrimination, victimisation and unfair dismissal.” Moreover, she confirmed that the said verdict is being published on the 18th day of April, this year, and also on 7th day of July, in the year 2015.

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