India’s First Reusable Spacecraft Launch Vehicle tested successfully from Shriharikota


Chennai: The Indian Space Research Organisation- ISRO yesterday on Monday, 23rd May successfully tested India’s first satellites launch vehicle which is ‘reusable’ and capable of sending the spacecraft into orbit and returning to the surface of earth.

The ISRO has developed this unique launch vehicle to reduce the costs of such projects launch. The said vehicle as such is capable to launch a spacecrafts like satellites, into the space and also it will come back to earth for the next project launch.

While commenting on the same, the Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre which is based- at Thiruvananthapuram said that “we had three objectives for Monday’s Launch” in which the “to test the characterisation of the aero- thermo dynamics of hypersonic flights; to test the autonomous mission management of hypersonic vehicles; and to test the necessary re- entry technology for the vehicles.”

The technology is carrying the winged- body and it was allowed to take off on 7 AM yesterday from Sriharikota. And after the vehicle inclined to the sixty- five kilometers, the ISRO pointed that from the said altitude, it made a re- entry into the earth’s atmosphere at Match 5 and steered by its navigation, guidance and control system for safe descent, then it glided down to the defined landing spot in the Bay of Bengal. The time of 12.8 minutes in all was taken for this flight.

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