India’s Supercomputing Mission would get its new Supercomputer in coming year

Super Computer

As a part of 4,500 Crores of Rupees National Super-computing Mission of Government, India would be getting new supercomputers, as disclosed by Ashutosh Sharma- Secretary to Ministry of Science and Technology, while speaking in the interview with the International Business Times, India.

Moreover, Sanjay Wandhekar, who is associate director and head of the Department of High Performance Computing at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing- C-DAC found stated that the first of the 73 new supercomputers will tentatively be ready in coming eighteen months.

Moreover, he also found stated that the said supercomputer will be a part of the PARAM series of the Supercomputers which the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing has built. Moreover, this supercomputer is not like the most other supercomputers, which this country is having like this, is having a computing speed of 1 petaflop. And this will be designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the country.

However, the said Wandhekar also found stated that the computer is still in its early stages of the planning and development and he also added that the supercomputer would operate from a yet- to- be decided institute.

Notably, in the month of March, 2015, the said National Supercomputing Mission was launched and would be implemented by the Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Electronics and Information Technology through C-DAC and Indian Institute of Science, Begaluru.

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